High Pressure Systems and Dew Points

So, I’ve been thinking about the US’s recent heat wave and its implications for future climate.  The heat wave was caused by a high pressure system that rose out of the Gulf of… Continue reading

Musings on Dreaming

I was just talking to friend about lucid dreaming.  He was saying that he had so many triggers for lucidity that he would go into dreams and then become lucid and he wished… Continue reading

The UN Posts

I’ve decided I’m going to go for an appointment through the UN’s Young Professional’s Program.  You apply to take a test in July to September.  Then if you’re accepted you go to DC… Continue reading

The Impossible

So I was reading Paper Machine by Derrida today and he was remarking on the impossible and how invention can only happen by doing the impossible.  The last three articles I read actually… Continue reading


The Summer Solstice Festival at Tall Trees is less than a week away and there’s still a lot to do for it.  I have to haul probably 5 or 6 loads of clay… Continue reading

Philosophical Novice

So I was reading a post by someone else and it got me thinking about mirroring some philosophical terms to the progression of life.  One of the things I’ve read in Derrida is… Continue reading

Being Born

Being Born

I saw a photo a while ago that made me think that this could be what it looks like as your being born. It’s a fractal and the name of it is cauldron, which reminds me of creation. There’s also a light at the end of tunnel, which can be reminiscent of either death or rebirth. All in all an interesting juxtaposition of thoughts.

Fichte Again

There is another piece to the book review I found interesting.  The reviewer states that Fichte states that part of his purpose in writing “Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation” is to… Continue reading

Fichte’s Views on Revelation

So I’ve decided I’m going to read Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s first published work “An Attempt at a Critique of all Revelation”.  From what I’ve read in a book review in the Kantian Review… Continue reading

The Universe as Animal

One more thing I’d like to say in order to ‘biologize’ the universe.  Many traditions, religious and spiritual, have viewed god or spirit as present in all things.  Christianity believes God is omnipresent… Continue reading