I’m reading a new book about/by Derrida.  It’s by a woman called Catharine Malabou and it’s called Counterpath.  It has some letters Derrida wrote to her in the late 90’s scattered throughout the book, especially in the preface, and she quotes him often.  What caught my eye in the preface however was her reference to ‘drift’.  Apparently, Derrida, at 60 something, does not like to use the word drift, or something similar to derive in French, anymore.  He feels he has used it too much in the past.  This book is very much about travel.  What Derrida says is that we never drift away from our origin.  No matter what we always come back to the origin.  We always carry our origin with us.

Even if we never actually come back to our origin we always arrive at the origin.

L’avenir is a very special concept to Derrida.  It is the ‘to come’ or ‘arrival’.  At the arrival is the event.  But one can only arrive at a place that is unforeseen.  The event, to be an event, must necessarily be unforeseen or else it is just something that has happened.  Being foreseen it’s effect is diminished or it is not what it would have been.  I think this idea is similar to the observer effect in physics.  That may require something with instruments however, the make up of the instruments and their methods of interpretation, though we may also be our own cosmic/quantum instruments affected and effected by the world in ways we know nothing about through our unconscious.  We can perceive the effect but we can only perceive what is happening indirectly.

This event, or the unforeseen happening, is the ‘other’.  The ‘other’ can not be seen.  This makes teleology an interesting concept in that we can’t know where we are going though we always head back to the origin.  Quite contradictory on the face of it.  Not contradictory at all though.

Fractals.  Self-similar all the way between each other.  Fractals are leading to differance, a change in space while leading constantly to the origin, the similar from the initial starting point, endlessly.  This does not account for the ‘other’ though.  I’m not sure how the other could fit in.  Can you have dissimilar fractals within fractals?  Alternate universes or wormholesconnecting through unknown geometrical patterns, or perhaps just unknown to me.

I don’t know.  I can’t tie this all together right now but I will try eventually.  I’m about to travel to Italy soon; taking my origin with while changing my person? thought structure?  I don’t know.  It’ll be the first time I’m in another culture besides the Eastern US.  Actually, I’ll be traveling to my ‘origin’, ancestrally, Malta.

I was also reading Fichte recently but it was too dense for me and the library was jealous so I’ll come back to it at another time.