Musings on Dreaming

I was just talking to friend about lucid dreaming.  He was saying that he had so many triggers for lucidity that he would go into dreams and then become lucid and he wished he could just experience normal dreaming again.

That made me think of a quote I read in Derrida’s article ‘Telepathy’.  He states that the 2nd aspect of (prerequisite for) Telepathy is found in the interruption of the psychoanalysis of psychoanalysis.  That made me think about what my friend said.  What could be found in going from normal dreaming to lucid dreaming and back into normal?  Is that possible?  Could someone enter into the dream state, start to ‘analyze’ the dream through lucidity, wish to go back into normal dreaming, go back into normal dreaming or do some kind of remote viewing while immersing oneself back in the dream world, and from there have some new type of experience.

It seems like an interesting experience at the least to me.  Possibly a cosmic conscious experience.