The Summer Solstice Festival at Tall Trees is less than a week away and there’s still a lot to do for it.  I have to haul probably 5 or 6 loads of clay from the parking lot to the spiral chamber compost toilet.  I already made 6 trips today and have the blisters to prove it.  I finished the weed whipping today around the chamber and made sure there was a path from the chamber to the path between the Sanctuary and the parking lot.  That was a spur of the moment decision I made but it made hauling the clay a lot easier.  I was trying to vacuum out the cafe as well but that wasn’t going too well.  The hose on the shop-vac kept getting clogged and I need a snake to make sure I don’t have any more trouble with it.  I also have to scrub the floor a couple more times to make sure the place is safe for kids to be on.  I’ve found quite a few nails and pieces of glass.  This cleaning was obviously necessary.

All the counters are taken care of though.  No more spiders or cobwebs or tons of dead bugs so that’s a plus. We have sign making on Tuesday with Deanne which should be cool.  Deanne is fun to work with and she likes having me around so that should go well.  Terry got a new dog to run around on his property for a while.  He’s golden and shaggy and real friendly.  Got to hang out with him for a second which is nice.

It looked like some of the stuff in the gardens was coming up.  There were a few rows that were obviously showing.  I don’t know what they were though.  I have to take a look at my plot lay out.  It seems like they were chives.  Not what I was hoping for but what I expected.  Thus far I’ve planted 12-14 planters.  One has cabbage oregano and dill; another summer savory, spanish onion, and dill; chard and spanish onion; mustard greens and chives; tomato and chives; chives and spinach; lettuce and radish; mustard greens; nasturtium and radish; mustard greens and nasturtium; mustard greens; and 2  spinach w/ radish.  One of those was not supposed to happen, radish goes poorly w/ something but I’m not sure which.  I have a lot more land to plant but I’m not sure if it’s worth it this late in the season.  I’ll try it anyways.  We’ll probably have a long summer despite how early it started.