Philosophical Novice

So I was reading a post by someone else and it got me thinking about mirroring some philosophical terms to the progression of life.  One of the things I’ve read in Derrida is his referral to a fortune-telling book.  It reminds me of various systems I’ve studied and some ideas I’ve come to regarding an individual’s birth and death.

The 4 words in particular were ontology, axiology, logos, and teleology.  Ontology could easily be represented by the birth of the individual.  Their life receives its initial purpose, drives, and motivations.  It is either taken care of or not, nourished, touched, and loved, or neglected and thereby abused.

Axiology would represent free will or one’s choices in life.  Axiology generally means the systems or modes of belief around which one lives their life.  It isn’t necessarily free will as defined but for my purposes that is how I’m viewing it

Axiology would be the way in which one interacts with the outside world while logos would be the place where one interacts with one’s being.  I don’t have an understanding of what you would call where these meet.  Axiology would represent all the things that come along with social interaction (i.e. popularity, friends, work environment, family life).  Logos would represent inner thoughts (beliefs, loves, work, hobbies, health, cares).  Where these two things cross is traditionally the most fruitful area to expound which leaves me wishing for a word for it as well.

Teleology would represent death, or the endpoint towards which we are actively striving or unconsciously avoiding.

These could pretty much sum up the basis of the foundation of my thoughts on purpose, direction, and meaning.


(The intersection of axiology and logos would be form.  That’s what I’m going with for now.)