Teleology, DNA, and Fractals

Just a quick post. I’ve had this thought that life is fractal for a while and that our purpose is to find what our purpose is within a larger organism which we can’t comprehend at this point in time.  I think it’s fairly easy to imagine that if we were a small organism inside an enormously larger organism called the universe it would be conceivable that we wouldn’t know it.  However it could also account for many of the beneficial/negative viewpoints we have of the world around us and could easily imitate our viewpoints of God.  For instance, the body nurtures, protects and wishes to propagate itself through regeneration, it gives nourishment to its cells and other parts.  (I’m not a biologist and I don’t have much depth with regards to anatomy now.)  Basically our body works to nourish itself.  On the other hand our body can also attack itself, it can kill of unwanted or unnecessary parts.  Auto-immune diseases can cause the body to kill healthy cells while cancer can cause a healthy body to harm itself.  It all can be anthropomorphized to some degree.  Some would say that this is turning the universe, which is mostly in inanimate object, into a living thing thereby performing some kind of Freudian transference and placing one’s own self onto the universe.  An enormous arrogance you could say.  I’d venture that most of our body seems inanimate despite the fact that it is very much alive and that the cause or reality of this life would also not be apparent to something as small inside us as we are to the universe.  So I think the WORLD, very broadly, is fractal.

Additionally, the idea of final cause reminds me of DNA.  When a child is born it is small but there is a purpose written into its body.  Each cell has a purpose to carry out.  This purpose is not foreseen when the child is born, though we are trying to figure it out as we are writing.  This coding carries out the creation of the child’s body into an adult and then into degeneration.   Diseases can be passed on through heredity that are fatal to an extent that it’s almost impossible to cure them.  Fates can be written in DNA.  This may be anthropomorphizing (biologizing?) to a greater extent but I believe this is similar to what final cause in the universe is.

I believe that final cause is a very material endeavor carried out by things that we do not see or understand yet.  However, there is still free will with this free will being influenced by our final outcome as well as the past and our present circumstances.  That’s for another time though.