Nucleus Accumbens

So the nucleus accumbens is a structure within the striatum which is located near the center front of the brain, behind the cingulate gyrus and around the thalamus.  The nucleus accumbens deals with one of my most pressing problems.  It would the indiscriminate sexual thought stem from this portion of the brain.  Facial recognition determining whether one gets turned on or not emanates from here into the medial dorsal thalmus (nucleus) which goes on to do its thing.  By improving the health of the striatum then I can hopefully take care of that problem.

I’ve found one supplement thus far that can improve striatum health, uridine-5-monophosphate.  Apparently it it improves neurite and neurofilament-70 and neurofilament-M in rats??  I guess I need to look into this more.

Uridine is the active ingredient and is present in tomatoes, broccoli, and organ meats.  Neurites are just dendrites or axons so an increase in them should increase neuroplasticity.  Neurofilaments promote radial growth of the axon.  I don’t know what thicker axons do but hopefully it’s a good thing.